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srf group

Cutting-edge, creative and propriety intelligence solutions to help our clients navigate today's rapidly shifting environments.

Next Generation Analytics

Analytical Skills and Solid Intelligence is the core of each and every project. Our team, comprised of experienced intelligence officers, solves complex situations by gathering data, breaking down a problem, weighing pros and cons and ultimately “connecting the dots”.


SRF has developed numerous tools and methodologies in order to unearth information from every imaginable source, including the deep web and other typically inaccessible areas of the internet. We can handle massive amounts of data and comb through them using cutting-edge technology. We have unique experience in gaining lawful access and analyzing information on various platforms, using more than 200 limited-access commercial, legal, regulatory, financial, and technical databases in accordance with occasional requirements.

Language/Cultural Variety

With a multi-lingual, multi-cultural and multi-national background, SRF professionals have a unique understanding of a broad variety of languages, cultures, and mentalities, since our personnel successfully operates in 3 continents, skillfully handling practical, cultural, and conceptual chasms.


Always within a strictly defined ethical and legal spectrum, SRF operates worldwide with integrity, enthusiasm, professionalism, and confidentiality. Our recipe for success lies in our professional expertise, deep client engagement, resourcefulness, and value-added modeling. We maintain total transparency with our clients, keeping them apprised at all times of our actions, working in tandem with them.

Our teams always seek to create added value for our clients and remains committed to delivering systematic and tangible results. While working quietly yet swiftly and efficiently, devising out-of-the-box creative solutions, our experts –meticulously selected in each field- ensure timely product delivery, guaranteeing that our services are second to none.

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