our services

our services


Combining capabilities using our proprietary Cyber tools and methodology for a variety of uses, such as - data collection, operate campaigns, uncovering negative campaigns, data leakage Assessment, Cyber forensics, active threat intelligence.

Osint & Webint

Providing both OSINT & WEBINT solutions, using in-house state of the art system that provides a wide range of intelligence from SM, data basis, and other intel sources.



Online and offline campaign impacted and influenced targeted    audiences by credible, trusted third parties and online platforms.


Managing online reputation, through a structured, proven multiphase process we can create and modify the way our clients are perceived and portrayed online.  We are also able to enhance the impact of our ORM activities through our covert, complementary influence capabilities.

Smart SEO

Our experts in search engine optimization (SEO) will work to ensure that your online assets receive the priority rankings you need to achieve your personal or business goals.

Opinion Leaders

Using our extensive network of opinion leaders around the world to promote agendas and content organically and effectively.


Knowing by Doing, in our field of work one of the key elements is knowledge and experience, this is why we developed a unique method and courses that together with the technology and our tools allows the client to get the best and the most effective results.

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