Full range of solutions

Full range of solutions

Data Analysis – Using a multi-layered AI and Machine learning (ML) system to analyze all the data collected from our SMUM® systems, the analysis system allows access to unique and quality intelligence along with insights and segmentation according to predefined interests. The system provides the law enforcement task to create intelligence and analyzed the data floor. It creates analyzed points of interest that can be used for a wide range of influence activities and more.

We at SRF Group developed and engineered a unique techno-methodology for data collecting. Our capabilities are based on a continuous collecting of a wide range of intelligence and information, with more than 20+ years of cumulative experience and world class expertise in our teams. Our technological solutions allow us a wider coverage, in-depth investigation and 24/7 data collection. Our reach has extended to various strategic and important platforms, including Deep & Dark Web, Instant messaging (IM) and more, restricted data bases and a multi-point Artificial intelligence (AI).

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